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Operating System
  • Windows 10 (RAM: >8GB, CPU: >Intel i3, HD: >2GB Free)
  • Windows 11 (RAM: >8GB, CPU: >Intel i3, HD: >2GB Free)

TISIS i4.0

TISIS i4.0 (option)

IMPORTANT: Compatibility with Motion Control

It is essential to perform the software updates on the machine, i.e. the Connectivity Pack and Motion Control according to the following versions:

  • Connectivity pack: 3.0
  • SwissNano 4 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissNano 4 V2 Motion Control: 1009
  • SwissNano 7 Motion Control: 909
  • Swiss ST26 Motion Control: 28M
  • Swiss CT20 Motion Control: 803
  • Swiss GT13, GT26 & GT32 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT13 S Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT13 HP Motion Control: 1203
  • Swiss DT13 & DT26 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT26S Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDT26S V2 Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT26/5 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • SwissDT32 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • EvoDECO 10, 16, 20 & 32 Motion Control: 803
  • EvoDECO 10,16, 20 & 32 Optimove Motion Control : 909
  • SwissDECO 36 G, T & TB Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDECO 36 ISO G & T Motion Control: 1009

Please contact Tornos after-sales service for a motion control update.

TISIS i4.0

When it comes to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) platforms, a lot of solutions exist on the market, TISIS i4.0 provides the user with an automated and turnkey solution. The information is automatically entered into the system without user involvement. Data can easily be exported into common separated values (CSV) files for all the machines, for one machine, and for a defined period of time.

View and analyze your machine state at any time, either as a summary or as a timeline. This makes it easy to detect events; simply place your cursor over the code to get information.

Quickly monitor your workshop efficiency by using pre-configured charts that are easily exploitable for reports. Pareto charts and pre-configured heat maps point out inefficient processes in your workshop, so you can take steps to correct them.

Please not that TISIS i4.0 is currently in maintenance mode. During this phase, our focus will not be on the development of new features or enhancements within the product. However, we remain committed of new features or enhancements within the product. However, we remain committed to our existing customers by ensuring the product meets the latest standards in security and privacy.