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Operating System
  • Windows 8 & 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


Tornos Iso Swiss Integrated Solution

WARNING : Update from version 1.x or 2.x to version 3.0 is billable

IMPORTANT: Compatibility with Motion Control

It is essential to perform the software updates on the machine, i.e. the Connectivity Pack and Motion Control according to the following versions:

  • Connectivity pack: 3.0
  • SwissNano 4 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissNano 4 V2 Motion Control: 1009
  • SwissNano 7 Motion Control: 909
  • Swiss ST26 Motion Control: 28M
  • Swiss CT20 Motion Control: 803
  • Swiss GT13, GT26 & GT32 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT13 S Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT13 HP Motion Control: 1203
  • Swiss DT13 & DT26 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT26S Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDT26S V2 Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT26/5 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • SwissDT26/6 HP Motion Control: 1209
  • SwissDT32 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • SwissDT38 HP Motion Control: 1209
  • EvoDECO 10, 16, 20 & 32 Motion Control: 803
  • EvoDECO 10,16, 20 & 32 Optimove Motion Control : 909
  • SwissDECO 36 G, T & TB Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDECO 36 ISO G & T Motion Control: 1009

Please contact Tornos after-sales service for a motion control update.



  • ISO Creator
  • SwissDT26/6 HP ISO C
  • SwissDT26/6 HP ISO A
  • SwissDT38 HP ISO C
  • SwissDT38 HP ISO A
  • SwissDECO36 Optimove 42mm option
  • Macro B
  • TISIS Help: New interface for user helps (Video)
  • SwissGT13 III (V3.8.6)


  • New design for settings view
  • Trigonometricfunctions in degree
  • Links to Tornos websites
  • Open part program by Drag&Drop
  • Possibility to disable the loading of Tornos news
  • Improvements in syntax highlighting
  • Combobox for material type selection
  • Prohibit the modification of field « Machine familly » in part info
  • Add machine type information in printing function
  • Improvements in error message order (Optimove)
  • Improvement of translation in cycle G77
  • Interpret fonction "skip 2" (Code "/2")
  • Translations improvements (V3.8.1)

Bugs fixes

  • Bug fixes in axes locking function
  • Bug fixes in advanced format ISO
  • Bug fixes in validation rules for part variables
  • Bug fixes in “Replace All” function
  • Bug fixes in copy/paste function for tool geometries
  • Bug fixes in "TISIS Compare"
  • Bug fixes in 5 axis interpolator
  • Bug fixes in G41/G42 functions
  • Bug fixes in G53 function
  • Bug fixes in G68.3 function
  • Fix "Ctrl + A" in operation edition view
  • Bug fixes in TISIS Compare for *.partx file
  • Bug fixes in fill variable form
  • Bug fixes in ISO text editor (V3.8.1)
  • Bug fixes in chanfer function with angle (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in G53 with variable as parameter F (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in mm to inch conversion (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in the Gantt (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in ressource graph (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in configuration view (V3.8.6)


All machines:

  • G947 : Improvements
  • Change spindle speed in the model during bar loading (V3.8.6)

SwissDECO36 Optimove:

  • Add biconical collet management (42mm bar diameter)
  • Now, M32, M33, M34, M35, M36, M37 (sensors) are programable in all channels
  • Bug fixes in tool support (V3.8.6)

ISO Machines:

  • G978 : Add argument Q for reduce retract feed
  • Bug fixes in G920-G921 (V3.8.6)


  • Possibility to program A axis in TISIS (V3.8.1)


  • Turbo Model (V3.8.6)

SwissDT13/5 HP:

  • Bug fixes in article N° 398537

SwissDT26/5 HP:

  • Turbo Model (V3.8.6)

SwissDT32 HP ISO C:

  • Update of article N° 2052358 : Front tool unit 4 positions (2 x Ø22 + 2 x Ø32)
  • Change PF position for article N° 396175 from PF16 to PF17 : Front tool unit 4 positions (4 x Ø22)
  • Change PF position for article N° 396176 from PF16 to PF17 : Front tool unit 4 positions (4 x Ø20)
  • Add new article N° 2052279 : Thread whirler 20°
  • Add new article N° 2052335 : Front tool unit 4 positions (4 x Ø22)
  • Add new article N° 2052336 : Front tool unit 5 positions (5 x Ø22)Add new article N°2052440: Double front driller ER25
  • Add new article N°2052336 (V3.8.1)
  • Turbo Model (V3.8.6)

SwissDT38 HP:

  • Change spindle speed to 7000rpm (V3.8.1)


TISIS novelties are included in TISIS Pilot (See above)


  • Advanced status bar
  • Button to put all relative positions to 0
  • Start At Block (SAB) for all Optimove machines
  • Page for service instruction
  • Page for Tornos website
  • Functions Post Pro for SwissDECO ISO (V3.8.6)


  • Improve stability of TISIS Pilot ISO
  • Possibility to configure the content of the status bar.
  • Possibility to add a picture to the user
  • Function "Snooze" for calendar tasks
  • Improvement of performance (V3.8.6)
  • Possibility to use variables #10000XXX in MDI (V3.8.6)
  • Improvement of alarms page view (V3.8.6)
  • Show analog spindles (V3.8.6)
  • Analog spindle programming in MDI (V3.8.6)

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix Fanuc alarm 3003 (Tool number unknow) (TISIS Pilot ISO)
  • Bug fixes in MACHX loading for MDI mode (TISIS Pilot ISO)
  • Bug fixes in program scrolling (TISIS Pilot ISO)
  • Bug fix in machine renaming function
  • Bug fix in "Succession" view
  • Bug fix in tool presetter for Z axis (V3.8.1)
  • Bug fix in mouse scroll function in tool view (V3.8.1)
  • Bug fix in option S11 for EvoDECO machines (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in start at block function (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fixes in user rights (V3.8.6)
  • Bug fix in keyboard layout management (V3.8.6)


Transfer of part programs onto the machine via the network (Connectivity Pack Option)

Transfer of tool catalogue (items) onto the machine via the network (Connectivity Pack Option)


  • Simplified display of part information
  • Vertical ISO code editor with syntax colouring
  • Part models and multilingual application
  • Synchronised ISO code display fluidity
  • Checking synchronisation errors
  • Print usual documents
  • File comparator
  • Calculation of the part duration and display of the time diagram
  • Programming help (ISO code)
  • Program edition from Gantt diagram


  • Simplified management of items/tool supports with graphical representation
  • Management of item/tool support incompatibilities
  • Default values of tool geometries
  • Simplified view of tools per channel
  • Assured compatibility of tool support (items) files (TAP extension) of machine tools.
  • Addition of new tool supports (items) via TSPK external file(s).

MONITORING (with connectivity pack)

  • View of complete machine fleet according to the machine type with the possibility to sort the displays:
    • Machine status (machine lamp copy)
    • Machines at end of production
  • View of production in progress for each machine:
    • Part counter, remaining production time and part name
    • Alarms and/or active messages
    • Part library with drawing and part op plan, images & documents for setup


If you had to encounter problem with the TISIS software, please use Tornos Contact

In order to reproduce the problem, we kindly ask you to give as many information as you can.