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Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


Tornos Iso Swiss Integrated Solution

WARNING : Update from version 1.x or 2.x to version 3.0 is billable

IMPORTANT: Compatibility with Motion Control

It is essential to perform the software updates on the machine, i.e. the Connectivity Pack and Motion Control according to the following versions:

  • Connectivity pack: 3.0
  • SwissNano 4 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissNano 4 V2 Motion Control: 1009
  • SwissNano 7 Motion Control: 909
  • Swiss ST26 Motion Control: 28M
  • Swiss CT20 Motion Control: 803
  • Swiss GT13, GT26 & GT32 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT13 S Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT13 HP Motion Control: 1203
  • Swiss DT13 & DT26 Motion Control: 803
  • SwissDT26S Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDT26S V2 Motion Control: 1203
  • SwissDT26/5 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • SwissDT26/6 HP Motion Control: 1209
  • SwissDT32 HP Motion Control: 1109
  • SwissDT38 HP Motion Control: 1209
  • EvoDECO 10, 16, 20 & 32 Motion Control: 803
  • EvoDECO 10,16, 20 & 32 Optimove Motion Control : 909
  • SwissDECO 36 G, T & TB Motion Control: 909
  • SwissDECO 36 ISO G & T Motion Control: 1009

Please contact Tornos after-sales service for a motion control update.



  • SwissXT32
  • Possibility to print the list of tool holder for a machine
  • New tooltip in the menus
  • New feedback functionality


  • Add alarm in G925 if we call another tool
  • Possibility to configure the limit of “While” loop
  • Improvements in ISO wizards
  • Improvement in time estimation for function G2 and G3
  • Possibility to change the chanel of a sub-program
  • Possibility to export and import a configuration
  • Possibility to have shared settings
  • Improvements in « File » menu
  • G920/G921 : Add error message if the axes are already switched
  • Time estimation for M code M841 M4 MXXX
  • Disable the format ISO function after the saving

Bugs fixes

  • Bug fix in function « Normalize ISO »
  • Bug fix in printing function
  • Bug fix if we import a tool holder with an existing number
  • Bug fix in search function
  • Bug fix in the function duplicate sub-program
  • Bug fix in G900 for machines with 3 and 4 channel


ISO Machines:

  • Bug fix in macro G915
  • Bug fix in macro G933
  • Bug fix in macro G977
  • Bug fix in macro G978
  • Bug fix in macro G982
  • G910 : Add parameter F
  • Add code M85 in turbo template


  • Fix some option numbers
  • Add tool holder : 235180
  • Add tool holder : 235181
  • Add tool holder : 235182
  • Add tool holder : 235231
  • Add tool holder : 235232


  • Fix some option numbers
  • Add tool holder : 235180
  • Add tool holder : 235181
  • Add tool holder : 235182
  • Add tool holder : 235231
  • Add tool holder : 235232
  • New part template for long part ejector

SwissDECO36 ISO:

  • Bug fix if the G915 is after a G920


  • Add tool holder : 389036

SwissDT family:

  • Update tool holder : 2052137
  • Update tool holder : 2052440
  • Bug fix in ratio of turning tools

SwissDT13 HP:

  • Bug fix in part template

SwissDT38 HP:

  • Bug fix in part template inch

Optimove machines:

  • New macro G169
  • Bug fix in setting speed of spindle
  • Bug fix in macro G933 in continuous mode


TISIS novelties are included in TISIS Pilot (See above)


  • QR code for diagnos
  • View for management of variables #1-#33, #150-#199, #500-#699


  • Calculator keyboard for the tool geometries
  • Confirmation in case of sign out or computer restarting
  • Improvement in the management of post processing macros
  • Management of the new spindle S41 (SwissDECO)

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix in presetting of tool on Z axis
  • Bug fix in the display of the number of alarms
  • Bug fix in the management of sub-programs
  • Bug fix in line follow up in machining view (Optimove)
  • Bug fix in tool management on opening a new part file


Transfer of part programs onto the machine via the network (Connectivity Pack Option)

Transfer of tool catalogue (items) onto the machine via the network (Connectivity Pack Option)


  • Simplified display of part information
  • Vertical ISO code editor with syntax colouring
  • Part models and multilingual application
  • Synchronised ISO code display fluidity
  • Checking synchronisation errors
  • Print usual documents
  • File comparator
  • Calculation of the part duration and display of the time diagram
  • Programming help (ISO code)
  • Program edition from Gantt diagram


  • Simplified management of items/tool supports with graphical representation
  • Management of item/tool support incompatibilities
  • Default values of tool geometries
  • Simplified view of tools per channel
  • Assured compatibility of tool support (items) files (TAP extension) of machine tools.
  • Addition of new tool supports (items) via TSPK external file(s).

MONITORING (with connectivity pack)

  • View of complete machine fleet according to the machine type with the possibility to sort the displays:
    • Machine status (machine lamp copy)
    • Machines at end of production
  • View of production in progress for each machine:
    • Part counter, remaining production time and part name
    • Alarms and/or active messages
    • Part library with drawing and part op plan, images & documents for setup


If you had to encounter problem with the TISIS software, please use Tornos Contact

In order to reproduce the problem, we kindly ask you to give as many information as you can.