Tornos SA
Operating System
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 & 8.1


Tornos Iso Swiss Integrated Solution

IMPORTANT: if using TISIS with the connectivity pack: It is essential to perform the software updates on the machine, i.e. the Connectivity Pack and Motion Control according to the following versions:

  • Connectivity pack: 1.3
  • SwissNano Motion Control: 403
  • Swiss ST26 Motion Control: 28M

Please contact Tornos after-sales service for motion control and connectivity update.



  • ISO Editor : vertical view with colored syntax and fluid and synchronized display
  • Parts Models & Application are multilingual
  • ISO Check for synchronization error
  • Full compatibility with ISO program edited on machine
  • Printing integrated (Part information, Tool Catalog, ISO Program)


  • Virtual Setup : Intuitive Tools Support and Tools management
  • Detection of tool support incompatibility
  • Tool database with default geometrical values
  • Simplified tool catalog view for each channel
  • Fully compatible with machine

MONITORING (with connectivity pack)

  • Plant Overview with Machines State (run, stop, alarm...) with sorting filters
  • Production information : Part counters & information & drawings, Production remaining time, Cycle time
  • Active Alarm List, Log file view


  • New graphical interface (Windows 8 Metro UI) with a new home page
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the main operations & available "fast keys"
  • Opening multiple part programs possible in a single application
  • 2D view of the programmed tool travel (View Contour)
  • Print with preview of the selected data
  • Comparison of the TISIS part's files
  • Machine's monitoring: adding of new machine's information & sorting by machine's category.
  • Version TISIS Tab available as freeware on Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets working on Android 4.0 or higher.