Tornos SA
Operating System
  • Android >=4.0

TISIS Tab Android

TISIS Tab (Connectivity Pack)


It is essential to perform the software updates on the machine, i.e. the Connectivity Pack and Motion Control according to the following versions:

  • Connectivity pack: 2.0
  • SwissNano Motion Control: 509
  • Swiss ST26 Motion Control: 28M
  • Swiss GT26, Swiss DT13 & CT20 Motion Control: 509

TISIS Connectivity Manager application was specially developed for the Connectivity Pack Update . Follow this link for the App download : TISIS Connectivity Manager

Please contact Tornos after-sales service for a motion control update.


TISIS Tab allows you to monitor in detail the machine park from a tablet or Android smartphone. The monitoring includes not only the status of machines workshop but also the current view of production, the parts counter and the remaining production time and a part library of information including images or PDF documents.

The application « TISIS Tab » is exclusively reserved for Tornos machines equipped with the required hardware options.

The application TISIS Tab need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. The informations update for the TISIS monitoring outside this context will not be successful.

Tornos SA provides no warranty of good working when used outside of the characteristics listed above.

Contact your local Tornos representative for more informations or details